About us:

We love standard poodles!

We have been breeding poodles for 10 years. We specialize mainly in the breeding of Standard Poodles, both silver and white. We give our poodles maximum care. Puppies from us are used to bathing, combing, and cutting from birth. Puppies also have basic hygiene habits. Whether you want a show champion or a great companion poodle from us, this is the right choice! During the operation of our kennel, we have successfully bred two litters numbering a total of 14 puppies.

FIRST LITTER - 7 white puppies - 2 females + 5 males
Agáta Berberis Carpatica + Tony White Envisan

SECOND LITTER - 5 white and 2 silver puppies - 2 silver and 2 white females + 3 white males
Agáta Berberis Carpatica + Amor Tefibo Design

THIRD LITTER – 5 silver puppies – 4 females + 1 male
Parents - Bonnie AV Pes + Jasttin ze Stříbrné galaxie
Puppies - Cassandra AV Pes, Cindy AV Pes, Cleopatra AV Pes, Camilla AV Pes, Cupido AV Pes

Our kennel AV Pes was established on April 2, 2013, under the auspices of the PUDL CLUB, an independent association of breeders and friends of poodles in the Czech Republic. The poodle is also very docile and easy to train.


Founder: Veronika Žílová senior
Owner: Veronika Žílová jr.
Co-owner: Ing. Jan Pavlíček
Carer: Karel Žíla